Information about cookies employees in this site

In fulfillment of the normative regulation relating to the cookies (Law 34/2002, of July 11, of services of the information company and of electronic commerce (LSSI), which transposes to the Spanish legislation the Directive 2009/136/CE, also called " Directive of the cookies ") and the EU Directive on privacy in the electronic communications. In this guide we use the term "cookies" to refer to the cookies and other similar technologies included in the EU Directive on privacy in the electronic communications.

What is a cookie?

The cookies are small files of text created by the web site that is visited and that includes information. They guard in the computer of the visitor to provide access to the user to the different functions. In our sites we can use so many cookies of session as of not session. A cookie of session guards temporarily in the memory of the computer while the visitor surfs along the website. This cookie is erased when the user closes the web browser or once passed a certain time (what means that the session has expired). A cookie of not session remains in the computer of the visitor until he resigns or expires.

Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies to obtain more information about the way in which the visitors interact with our content and help us to improve the experience when our website is visited.

Functionality and content of the site

The function to share is used by the visitors to recommend our sites and contents in social networks like Facebook and Twitter. The cookies guard information about the way in which the visitors use the function to share (though not to individual level) in order that the website could be improved. For some of the functions of our website we use other suppliers, for example, when a page is visited with incrusted videi or links to YouTube. These videi or links (and any other content of third suppliers) can contain cookies of third parties, for what it is possible that it wants to consult the policies of these websites of third parties to obtain information about his use of the cookies.

Analytical Web

This website can use Google Analytics, that uses cookies. Worldwide, the cookies guard information about the way the visitors use the website, included the number of showed pages, wherefrom there comes the visitor and the number of visits, in order to improve the website and of assuring a good experience for the user.

Cookies list employees in this website

(The cookie ID and how it appears in the browser caching)
(Own or of third parties)
(Expiry date of the cookie once installed)
(With what domain the cookie is associated)
(Functioning and purpose of the cookie)
PHPSESSID Own Session This website It stores the session of the current user of anonymous form. It is destroyed automatically on having left the page.
PREF, SNID, NID, SID, SSID, N_T Third parties 2 years
These cookies are used by Google to check the account of a user, to store the most recent access to its services and the preferences of the user. They are used in many Google's services like can be YouTube or Google Maps.
YSC Third parties Session It contains a unique identifier to allow the control of visits for YouTube's videi.
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE Third parties 9 months It contains a unique identifier to allow the control of visits for YouTube's videi.
__atuvc, loc, uid, locale Third parties 2 years They serve to assess the times that content shares in the social networks (Twitter, Facebook ... etc.), to store the location of the user to level of country and the language.
googtrans Third parties Session It stores the destination language that is used if the page is translated by Google Translate
_ga Third parties 2 years It is used to differentiate between users.
__utma Third parties 2 years It compiles information like the number of times that a user has been in the site, when it has been the first visit and when the last visit was done.
__utmb Third parties 30 minutes It compiles a date and hour in the exact moment that the user enters to the web to obtain the time that a visitor has been in the site. Used by Google Analytics to calculate the time that is late a visit in the website.
__utmc Third parties Session Currently it isn't used. It remains for compatibility with Urchin's ancient versions. It was using to detect new visits / sessions.
__utmz Third parties 6 months It stores relative information to if the user has come to the site across a banner or advertising campaign.
__utmv Third parties 2 years It is used if the developer of the site uses variables personalized in Google Analytics, for example to segment on the basis of demographic information.
a Third parties Session It is used to differentiate between users.

How do they reject and erase the cookies?

We do not use the cookies to obtain personal identifiable information about a visitor. Nevertheless, if you wish it, you can choose to reject or block the cookies of this site or of the websites of third parties changing the adjustments of your browser; consult the " Function of help " of your browser to obtain more details. Bear in mind that the majority of the browsers accept the cookies automatically, for what if you don't want to use cookies, it is possible that you should erase or block them actively.

To obtain information about the use of cookies in mariners(browsers) of mobile phones and on the way of rejecting them or to erase(smear) them, consult the manual of his(her,your) mobile phone. Have in it(he,she) tells nevertheless that if it(he,she) rejects the use of the cookies, it(he,she) will be able to continue visiting our web sites, but it is possible that some of the functions do not work correctly.

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