Lenses Lathe

REM Vision Technologies

REM Vision Technologies is a Spanish company created to provide innovative solutions in the manufacture of contact lenses worldwide.

The company emerged from the union of knowledge and experience of three major investors. We have years of experience in manufacturing solutions for contact lenses, as well as consulting and engineering precision optics, electronics and high-level programming software.

Our technology is a real alternative for most manufacturers of contact lenses that focuses on improving production capacity and the quality and diversity of lenses.

2-axis machines, air spindle, linear roller guides, CNC control and simple user interface. It also includes new features such as full remote technical assistance, data entry via barcode technology VoIP telephone connection, a web high definition colour camera, design registration, etc.

We also offer our customers the opportunity to work together to improve their performance by placing at their disposal our engineering skills and our experience gained over 25 years in manufacturing contact lenses.